Teardrop Trailer Prices (with REAL Examples)

teardrop trailer in shop

I already discussed the average weight of teardrop trailers, but how much do teardrop trailers cost?

On the lower end, some teardrop trailers start at just under $5,000. Others may be upwards of $20,000 or more. Depending on the size, the weight, and the amenities, prices will be higher or lower. If you’re buying a teardrop for just about $5k, it’s going to be tiny. Amenities may be lacking, but for some people, that’s okay. The more money you spend, the more space and features that are typically included in your vehicle.

Teardrop Trailer Price Examples

To give you a good idea of how much money you might put down for a new teardrop trailer, I scoured the Internet to find as many teardrop manufacturers as possible. If the brand produces just a single vehicle, I’ll quote one price. If there are several models to choose from, I will share the cost of each.

Let’s get started.

1. Vintage Overland — $12,500 – $16,500

The impetus for Vintage Overland trailers began sometime in the 1980s, when Britton Purser began making his own designs. In the years since, he moved on from fashion design to carpentry and then making teardrops and other trailers.

The Tuco teardrop from Vintage Overland costs $12,500. It’s 600 pounds. This trailer stands six feet tall and is 12 feet long. It also has a 4×8 cabin.

If you need more space, the Great Escape Caravan costs $15,000. It’s six feet tall, 12 feet long, and features the same 4×8 cabin. You also get an additional back hatch that’s 28 inches deep, 58 inches wide, and 20 inches tall. This teardrop weighs 750 pounds and is meant for two.

The final offering from Vintage Overland is the T.E. Lawrence for $16,500. It too is six feet tall and 12 feet long, but it has a bigger cabin that’s 5×8. You also get the back hatch, which is 28 inches deep, 58 inches wide, and 20 inches high this time. This vehicle weighs 900 pounds.

2. Oregon Trail’R Teardrop Trailers — $6,150 – $14,000

Oregon Trail’R is a teardrop manufacturer that’s based in Oregon. Not only do they sell a variety of trailers through their website, but they also have a teardrop accessories and parts store. Here, you can find items like twist switch plates, galley hatch support strings, couplers, cutting boards, batteries, and fuse panels.

The brand has many teardrops available. The costs can vary depending on what you add to your trailer, so all prices are estimates. They are:

  • FronTear: $14,000 for a trailer with a length of eight feet, a height of four feet, a width of five feet, and a weight of 1,100 to 1,400 pounds
  • TerraDrop: $16,000 for a trailer with similar measurements to the FrontTear that weighs 1,200 to 1,500 pounds
  • Do-Drop: $6,150 for a trailer with a length of seven feet, a height of 3.5 feet, a width of four feet, and a weight of 550 to 700 pounds

3. Vistabule Teardrop Trailers – $17,995

Based in Minnesota, Vistabule Teardrop Trailers is a small company that manufacturers just one trailer, the eponymously-named Vistabule. The vehicle costs $17,995 before you start adding on bonus features.

The body width of the Vistabule is five feet, its total length is 14 feet, and its body length is 10 feet. Including the fenders, the vehicle width is six feet, 10 inches. The interior cabin height is 43 inches, and you get 6.5 inches of foot room with the under-bed floor storage. From the fan cover top to the ground, there’s a height of 67 inches.

The Vistabule weighs 1,200 pounds when empty. If you fill it with water, propane, and other gear, the weight increases to 1,520 pounds. Its tongue weight is normally 130 pounds. If you connect a propane tank that’s 11 gallons, the tongue weight increases to 160 pounds. You get a graywater tank that’s nine gallons and a freshwater tank that’s also nine gallons.

Available bonus features that will drive up the price are:

  • Heavy-duty torsion axles
  • Alloy wheels
  • Solar plug-ins
  • Galley dome lights and top cabs
  • More storage compartments for beneath the bed
  • A sofa bed with a spare mattress
  • Porthole windows and privacy covers
  • Flip-up door side tables
  • Door windows with screens

4. Timberleaf Trailers — $19,750

Timberleaf Trailers is a Colorado teardrop trailer brand. They’re known for their Pika Teardrop, which is named after the tiny mammal that looks like a cross between a rabbit and a mouse. They also produce the Classic Teardrop.

The pricing for Timberleaf Trailers teardrops is $19,750.

The Classic Teardrop is 15 feet long and 65 inches high without vents. Its interior cabin height clearance is 36 inches and its base size is five feet by 10 feet. The dry weight is 1,400 pounds and the tongue weight is 150 pounds. The Classic Teardrop comes with a Colorado Queen mattress that’s 57×80 inches, leaf springs with a 2,000-pound axle, and 15-inch wheels.

The Pika is 11 feet, 10 inches long and 65 inches high as well. Its base size is five feet, six inches by eight feet. It too has a 36-inch clearance and 15-inch wheels. The Pika’s dry weight is 970 pounds and its tongue weight is 120 pounds. You get a 54x75x4-inch mattress and a 2,000-pound torsion axle with this trailer.

5. Colorado Teardrops – $12,995 – $24,500

A newer company that was only founded in 2014, Colorado Teardrops is settled amongst the Rocky Mountains. Dean Wiltshire, a carpenter from the United Kingdom, decided to start this company after he had a hard time renting a teardrop. He works with his children, Sarah and David, in this family-owned business.

The models in the Colorado Teardrops family include the Basedrop, Canyonland, Mount Massive, and Summit. You can also get custom-built trailers for more money. Used teardrop trailers are available as well.

Let’s discuss the pricing for the various Colorado Teardrops models:

  • Basecamp: $12,995 for a trailer with an overall length of 148 inches, an overall width of 76 inches, an overall height of 70.5 inches, and a dry weight of 1,000 pounds
  • Canyonland: $15,500 for a trailer with an overall length of 148 inches, an overall width of 82 inches, an overall height of 71 inches, and a dry weight of 1,150 pounds
  • Mount Massive: $21,500 for a trailer with an overall length of 173 inches, an overall width of 82 inches, an overall height of 80 inches, and a dry weight of 1,470 pounds
  • Summit: $24,500 for a trailer with an overall length of 173 inches, an overall width of 88 inches, an overall height of 84.5 inches, and a dry weight of 1,750 pounds

6. Hutte Hut – $63,900

The simplistic and modern Hutte Hut is both the name of the teardrop trailer and the company that makes it. The vehicle costs $63,900 for a base model. That makes it one of the most expensive teardrops you’ll find.

This trailer can fit two to three passengers. The frame is proprietary aluminum and the cabin is made of wood that’s bonded with epoxy and has no screws. The tongue length of the trailer is 42 inches. Its overall height is 72 inches, its overall width is 80 inches, and the overall length is 168 inches.

Inside the vehicle, the deck-to-ground height is 18 inches, with a peak ceiling height of 51 inches. The floor is 92 inches long and 66 inches wide, and the surface area of the entire trailer is 44 square feet.

The Hutte Hut teardrop weighs 900 pounds dry with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 3,500 pounds. Its tongue weight is a moderate 750 pounds. The ride height is 16 inches, and each wheel is 14×6 inches with 185/60/R14 tires.

You get several standard features in the Hutte Hut, such as a cotton canvas canopy that’s water-repellant, an exterior shore power inlet that runs on AC power, and convertible cushions that are adjustable.

7. Droplet Trailer – $14,450 to $16,450

The trailers from Droplet Trailer are designed to get you out in nature again. The company also gives back. For each trailer someone buys, Droplet Trailer gives 10 percent of the proceeds towards United States and Canadian landowners. The intention is to make this land into free campgrounds for trailers like yours.

The Droplet Trailer is the only vehicle produced by this brand. If you get the naked version, it costs $14,450. A base package drives the price up to $15,450. If you want the Off-the-Grid package, you’d pay $16,450.

One of these teardrops weighs just 950 pounds with a tongue weight of 95 pounds. The trailer itself is 5.5 feet high, 13.5 feet long, and 6.6 feet wide. The cabin is four feet high, eight feet long, and five feet wide.

Included in the trailer is a double-wheeled wide jack, 12-inch wheels, a tongue, an axle-free torsion suspension system, and a powder-coated steel frame.

8. inTech RV – $16,537 to $19,000

Despite its name, inTech RV produces several teardrop trailers. These include the Luna Lite, Luna, Luna Rover, and the Sol. The prices for these trailers range from $16,537 to $19,000.

Here are some specs and info on each inTech RV teardrop:

  • Luna Lite: The Luna Lite weighs between 1,450 and 1,630 pounds. Its GVWR is 2,220 pounds. Its exterior width is seven feet, 10 inches, its exterior length is 15 feet, six inches, and its exterior height is six feet, eight inches. The interior width is five feet, nine inches, the interior length is six feet, 10 inches, and the interior height is four feet, six inches.
  • Luna: Next is the standard Luna. It weighs between 1,700 and 1,800 pounds. Its GVWR is also 2,200 pounds. The exterior width for the Luna is seven feet, 19 inches, the exterior length is 15 feet, six inches, and the exterior height is six feet, eight inches. Its interior width is five feet, nine inches, its interior height is six feet, 10 inches, and its interior length is four feet, six inches.
  • Luna Rover: The Luna Rover is the biggest of the three trailers. It weighs between 1,643 and 1,770 pounds. It has the same GVWR as the other two Luna models. Its exterior width is seven feet, 10 inches, its exterior length is 15 feet, six inches, and its exterior height is seven feet, one inch. It has an interior width of five feet, nine inches, an interior length of six feet, 10 inches, and an interior height of four feet, six inches.
  • Sol: The mighty Sol has room for up to four passengers. It weighs between 3,290 and 3,375 pounds. Its tongue weight range is 450 to 470 pounds. The exterior width is eight feet, six inches, the exterior length is 19 feet, and the exterior height is nine feet, six inches. The Sol has an interior width of six feet, 10 inches, an interior length of 15 feet, nine inches, and an interior height of six feet, six inches.

9. Escapod TOPO Series – $16,500

Since 2015, Escapod’s team has been making each teardrop trailer it sells from scratch. Knowing how much the hustle and bustle of daily life can take away from nature, Escapod’s founders want their trailer owners to spend more time in the great outdoors.

The brand is known for the TOPO Series. New for 2019, a TOPO teardrop will cost you $16,500 as a base price. The TOPO has a body that’s five feet by eight feet, including a 2×2 power-coated frame that’s welded by hand. The roof and exterior walls are finished with a layer of aluminum to prevent corrosion.

You might also feel inclined to add these bonus features:

  • Electric brakes – $400
  • A second awning – $309 to $331
  • A battery charger – $65
  • Timbren 3500 HD axle-free suspension – $750
  • Frontrunner Wolf Pack storage boxes, three total – $200
  • Welded storage deck – $400
  • An air conditioner with all ports – $650
  • A fully articulating hitch – $300
  • Additional water tanks – $750 each
  • A propane heater – $1,000
  • A tire mount and spare tire – $600
  • A shower with a water heater – $400
  • Solar power – $275
  • A propane tank – $225
  • A stove with two burners – $325

1o. RetroRide Teardrops – $5,745 – $7,890

Over in Plover, Wisconsin is RetroRide Teardrops. These unadorned teardrops are designed with the retro feel their name invokes. You can choose from three teardrop trailer sizes: the 4×8 model, the 5×8, and the 5×10.

The 4×8 trailer starts at $5,745 for a two-door vehicle. It’s 68 inches wide, 12 feet long, and has a cabin area that’s 78×46 ½ inches. The trailer weighs 820 pounds with a tongue weight of 120 pounds. If you add Climate Right AC and heating, you’d spend $549 more. A 12-volt battery would set you back $125.

The 5×8 teardrop costs $6,845. It’s six feet, 10 inches wide and 12 ½ feet long. This trailer has a cabin that’s 78×58 inches. It weighs 940 pounds with a tongue weight of 155 pounds. The add-on features for this vehicle are Climate Right AC/heating (same price), a spare tire ($175), a cotton mattress that’s eight inches ($245), and a 12-volt battery ($134).

Finally, there’s the 5×10 trailer. This is priced at $7,890. It’s the biggest teardrop available from RetroRide, as it’s six feet, eight inches wide and 14 ½ feet long. It has a 78×58-inch cabin. The 5×10 weighs 1,100 pounds and has a tongue weight of 160 pounds.

AC and heating can be installed for you for $549. You might also consider adding a front tool box for $359, a spare tire for $175, extra windows for $445, a cotton mattress for $245, a 12-volt battery for $134, or radial tires (15 inches) for $100 each.


Teardrop trailers run the gamut from teeny-tiny ones for $5k to more sizable vehicles for $14k and up. Whether you have a small budget or a larger one, there should be room in your life for a teardrop trailer somewhere.

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