14 Functional & Must-Have Teardrop Trailer Accessories

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You love your teardrop trailer, but you wish you could have added more extras when you first bought it. Some of the products your manufacturer offered were pretty cool, but you didn’t want to go over your trailer budget, so you passed.

Luckily, it’s easy enough to undo this mistake. All you have to do is shop around.

In this article, I’ve shared 14 awesome accessories for teardrop trailers.

Whether you want more fun or functional options or even both, I’ve got you covered.

1. Teardrop Trailer Cover

One of the perks of owning a teardrop trailer is the wealth of parking options afforded to you. From your driveway to your garage or even a side or backyard, you never have to pay to park at a storage facility if you don’t want to.

That said, you do still need a cover. This one from Classic Accessories (check price on Amazon here) has a great reputation for durability. You can choose from three lengths: eight feet long by five feet wide, eight feet, 10 inches long by five feet wide, and 10 feet, 12 inches long by six feet wide.

Classic Accessories’ cover is made from durable fabric that dries right away upon getting wet. This material can also cut stress damage from the wind, prolonging its lifespan. With an impressive air vent system, you can say goodbye to moisture inside the cover. That means there’s no risk of mold or mildew on or in your teardrop.

You also get an integrated undercarriage strap system to keep your cover in one place all winter long. This strap system includes a weighted toss bag, several connection points per strap, and click-close access.

Worried about sun staining or fading? There’s no need to be. Classic Accessories designed their cover to resist both. It’s even water-repellant.

2. Extra Trailer Lights

Do you want more lighting for your teardrop trailer at night? With these lights from LAMROK Outdoor Products, you can add some extra glow wherever your adventures take you.

The Liteswich lights don’t require bonus equipment or too much installation work on your part. If you have a seven-pin connection, then you can set these lights up. They beautifully illuminate the exterior of your vehicle. If you and some buddies or family members want to spend extra time outside at night, you now can safely.

3. Hitch Mount Umbrella Holder

If you want to enjoy the shade of an umbrella, you have to check out Camco’s hitch mount umbrella holder. Camco’s a renowned name in all things RVs and trailers, so you can trust you’re getting a superior product.

The purpose of this hitch mount umbrella holder is to provide shade on those particularly hot, sunny summer days. The umbrella mount attaches to the hitch connected to your towing vehicle. Your trailer will have to be separated from the hitch at this point.

The hitch itself includes dual thumbscrews so your umbrella won’t wiggle, even in some mild wind. The entire hitch is made of tough steel with a powder-coat finish for durability. If your umbrella has a diameter of at least 1 3/8 inches or two inches, it can fit in this hitch. Receiver hitches of at least two inches and hitch pins of at least 5/8 inches should work as well.

4. Coffeemaker

Most teardrop trailer kitchens don’t have much room. If yours feels cramped but you can’t go without your morning coffee, try this Chulux coffee machine (link to Amazon). It’s a slim coffeemaker that measures 10.3 x 9.4 x 4.9 inches and weighs just 2.85 pounds.

As a single-serve machine, it’s perfect for trailer owners like yourself. It has a water tank that’s BPA-free so you can always sip safely. There’s a water reservoir and a drip tray you can take out and wash in your sink.

To make your morning (or evening) coffee, you choose whichever coffee pod suits your fancy. Put it in the machine, pick the way you want your coffee brewed, and wait. It takes between three and five minutes for the coffee to finish.

The best part? You can select from several great colors for the coffeemaker, including red, orange, green, blue, and black.

5. Fan-Tastic Fan

Keeping your trailer ventilated is incredibly important. Failing to do so invites mold and mildew into your vehicle. After all, these bacteria feed off the humidity and condensation in your vehicle, and there’s lots of it without ventilation.

With a Fan-Tastic Vent you never have to worry about inadequate ventilation again. This fan is part of the 1200 Series, the smallest Fan-Tastic Fan available. Keeping in mind that you own a teardrop trailer, this smaller fan should suffice.

The fan slots into an opening that’s at least 14 x 14 inches. It has a smoke dome and a tall base that keeps it safe from the outdoor elements. With three speeds to choose from, you can run it on low through high.

The 1200 model in particular has 10 blades and measures 12 inches long. You can even buy a vent cover through Amazon if you need one.

6. Clip-on Mirror

As you may recall from reading this blog, sometimes you lose visibility once you hitch your teardrop trailer to your towing vehicle. To combat this, some drivers use clip-on mirrors to increase visibility.

The one from Camco (check it out on Amazon here) is an awesome pick for teardrop trailer owners. You can get a single view mirror or a dual view mirror depending on how badly your view’s obstructed in your rig. Both mirrors have adjustable rubber straps that don’t require any tools for installation.

You can affix the mirrors on your passenger or driver’s side mirror or even both. With a ball and socket that can move 360 degrees, you have the flexibility to adjust these mirrors at whatever angle or direction you need them for better visibility.

7. Step Rug

Messes will inevitably accumulate inside your teardrop trailer, but you can slow down the progress with a step rug. This one from Camco Rv Step Rug looks nice and does its job especially well. It measures 17.5 inches by 18 inches.

The step rug is made entirely of polyester. It’s gray in color, but you can also get the rug in brown, blue, or black. It can go over electrical or manual steps without any tools, glue, or screws. The polyester base prevents mildew and mold from forming on the surface, which is a plus. You can wipe the step rug down with water and soap if it gets dirty.

The rug has some give to it, as it can bend. Still, it’s sturdy with anti-rust hooks and grommets. There’s also TPE backing so the rug won’t shift or move when you need it to stay in one place.

With its single ribbing, you don’t have to worry about debris and dirt getting into your vehicle anymore. Besides that, this Camco carpet has moisture-absorbing qualities and won’t fade in the sun.

8. Over-the-Door Storage

One issue a lot of teardrop trailer owners run into is lack of space. The small size and length of these vehicles often means leaving a lot behind at home.

Instead of relying solely on the cubbies and storage spaces in your vehicle, why not make your own storage? This over-the-door hanging storage bag organizer from KINGREE hooks on a door or wall.

You get five pockets in all. The organizer is 14 inches wide and 17.5 inches tall. You just use the included wooden pole to affix the organizer wherever you have the space. Made from a blend of linen and cotton, this organizer resists moisture. The pockets are wide enough for fitting items like mail, keys, smartphones, tablets, and any other clutter that needs neatness.

9. Portable Refrigerator and Freezer

Update! I originally wrote about CFX35 model, but there is a newer version (check it out on Amazon here) which I believe is even better with more model options . 

If you have up to five passengers traveling in your teardrop, sometimes you need more food storage space than what’s afforded to you. Luckily, this CFX35 portable fridge and freezer from Dometic (check price on Amazon here) should give you all the room you want.

You can select from three models: the CFX35, the CFX 65 Dual, and the CFX95 Dual.

The CFX35 has a capacity of 32 liters. It’s 16 inches tall, 16 inches wide, and 25 inches long. Weighing 39 pounds, the CFX35 can fit 47 12-ounce cans. It comes in black.

For a bigger portable fridge/freezer, try the CFX65 Dual. It has a 2.2-cubic foot capacity and measures 22.1 inches tall, 17.9 inches wide, and 28.5 inches long. This model weighs 49.2 pounds, so it’s quite hefty. Still, the CFX65 Dual can hold 106 12-ounce cans, which is not too shabby! It comes in black.

Then there’s the CFX95 Dual in blue. It can hold 100 quarts, which is the equivalent of 3.3 cubic   feet, 85 liters, or 117 12 ounce-cans. It’s 19.7 inches long, 21.9 inches wide, and 38.8 inches long. It weighs 70.5 pounds. With the CFX95 Dual, you can use 24-volt or 12-volt direct current (DC) power or 120-volt alternating current (AC) power.

It has Dual Zones that allow you to set either of the compartments to your ideal temperature, even if those temperatures aren’t the same. You can change temps up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit or go as low as -8 degrees.

10. Wheel Dock with Rope Handle

If you ever find yourself in a muddy situation at a campsite or park, you’ll be happy to have a few of these wheel docks around. They come from Camco Heavy Duty Wheel Dock and are much beloved among teardrop owners.

Each wheel dock includes a rope handle. With a plastic base in bright yellow, the dock is lightweight enough that you can drag it where it needs to go quickly and easily. Despite that, these docks are designed for heavy-duty use.

When set up correctly, you won’t have to stress about your trailer tongue getting stuck in the dirt or mud. It also won’t sink in softer terrain. That kind of peace of mind makes camping so much easier and more enjoyable.

11. Aluminum Trailer Tongue Storage Box

Do you need yet more storage space than what your trailer offers? You’ll be happy to have this aluminum trailer tongue storage tool box from Pit Posse. The box locks so there’s no risk of you losing your cargo, equipment, and other essentials.

Pit Posse’s storage box has a lid that opens all the way via a deep hinge. You could mount the box completely against your teardrop and the lid should still open. That saves you time since you don’t have to detach the box to get in there.

Its diamond-printed design maintains the shape of the box, even over years of use. Also, this aluminum trailer tongue storage box has seams that are fully welded to make it an even better long-term storage solution.

12. Plastic Bag Dispenser

It’s always handy to have plastic bags around your trailer, just like at home. The problem becomes that, unlike your home, you don’t have a drawer or closet for storing the bags. You don’t want to throw them out, either, but what other choice do you have?

This Pop-A-Bag plastic bag dispenser, lets you store and organize your plastic bags like never before. You simply stuff in up to 25 bags into the Pop-A-Bag. Then, the next time you need one, you can reach for it and it pops right out. How helpful!

The Pop-A-Bag measures 11.8 x 5.2 x 3.1 inches and is made of white plastic. You can mount it to a cabinet or even on a kitchen wall using double-sided tape or screws. Inexpensive and a fan favorite, you’ll gladly use this accessory again and again.

13. Wheel Chock Lock

While the Camco wheel dock with rope handle will keep your teardrop from rolling away, you might also want a wheel chock lock. The TCL65 from Trimax keeps your trailer secure in all sorts of conditions.

The chocks should attach to your tires. Each chock has arms covered in red rubber that won’t puncture your tires or damage your wheel finish. The rest of the Trimax wheel chock lock is built from heavy-gauge steel that has a powder-coat paint job.

You get two keys with your Trimax TCL65. These allow you to access the locking mechanism. That means only you can get into your wheel chock lock, preventing theft. The wheel chock lock measures 4 x 11.7 x 15.5 inches and weighs 6.39 pounds.

14. Under-Cabinet TV Mount

My final pick is a convenient one. If you want to watch TV in your kitchen while you prep meals, wash the dishes, or eat, you can with a TV mount that fits under your kitchen cabinet. This one from VideoSecu is a great pick (check price on Amazon here ).

It fits most TVs that are between 13 and 23 inches; sometimes the mount can support bigger TVs up to 30 inches. These include LED and LCD televisions. You get all the mounting hardware you need right in the box. Once you install it, the mount can swivel so you can watch TV at any angle in your kitchen.

The mount itself is made from a heavy-gauge steel that’s held together with durable nuts and screws. If your TV is at least 18 pounds, it’s compatible with this mount. The mount measures 9.8 x 2.1 x 5.3 inches. You can even pay extra for professional installation so you minimize the chances of your TV tipping over.


Whether for fun or functionality, the 14 teardrop trailer accessories we highlighted in this article will make your life as a trailer owner much easier. You could shop for wheel chocks, exterior LED lighting, extra storage, carpeting, or a portable freezer/fridge combo from the list above. In short, you can’t go wrong! Happy shopping.

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