Top 9 Best Small Teardrop Trailers

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One reason some consumers eschew teardrop trailers (and even some camper trailers, for that matter) has to do with the size of these vehicles. Consumers expect to camp for days at a time. They want to stretch their legs, sleep comfortably, and have some headroom. Teardrops aren’t great for any of this.

Not everyone prioritizes having a huge trailer, though. Some travelers who go on solo adventures or bring one other person recognize that they don’t need a ton of space. For that reason, they give teardrop trailers a chance. After all, with hidden cubby holes, extra storage, and retractable areas, teardrops often afford more space than it seems.

If you’re in the latter camp, then this article is for you. In it i’m sharing a list of my favorite small teardrop trailers. Let’s get into it!

1. Little Guy Mini Max by Little Guy Trailers

I wrote a great, detailed review about the Little Guy Max teardrop from Little Guy Trailers, but that’s a big, hulking vehicle. The Little Guy Mini Max is much better-suited for this article.

It has a dry weight of 1,993 pounds, a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 2,900 pounds, and a tongue weight of 280 pounds. The interior length stretches six feet while the exterior length measures 17 feet, two inches. The Little Guy Mini Max has an exterior height of eight feet, six inches and an overall width of six feet, nine inches. The blackwater tank has a nine-gallon capacity, the graywater tank a 14-gallon capacity, and the freshwater tank a 20-gallon capacity.

To keep its weight down, this teardrop features aluminum entry steps (with LED lighting), a fiberglass roof, an aluminum cage, and composite paneling. It has 15-inch tires, too. You even get an external storage compartment with doors that open 12 by 20 inches.

The Little Guy Mini Max has room for up to three passengers. Inside, you can choose from a dual or queen-sized bed. There’s a Highe Point microwave in the kitchen that’s 1.0 cubic foot as well as a Dometic fridge that can hold up to 5.0 cubic feet of food and drinks. The two-burner stove and hot water heater both come courtesy of Dometic as well.

Even though it’s a small trailer, you still get a full bathroom with your Little Guy Mini Max. That includes a marine-style toilet from Dometic, an ITC shower head with three functions, and even a Dometic Fan-Tastic Fan that runs on three speeds.

2. 550 Ultra Teardrop from Camp-Inn

With three models from Camp-Inn, you can’t get smaller than the 550 Ultra Teardrop. This trailer has a cabin that’s only five feet wide. With an aluminum exterior and an interior made of birch, you feel like you’re living in a bygone era.

Despite its size, there’s still a queen-sized bed squeezed into the 550 Ultra. You also get a stove, sink, dual doors, chrome hardware, and stainless steel fenders. The aluminum roof comes insulated so you won’t shiver, even on those chilly nights.

3. TAB Model 320 from nuCamp RV

Quaint and adorable, the TAB Model 320 includes two floorplans: the TAB 320 U and the TAB 320 S.

The TAB 320 U has a Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) of 2,900 pounds. The tongue weight varies depending on if you use a battery and LP source. Without that, the tongue weighs 138 pounds. Adding more weight increases it to 198 pounds.

Empty, the TAB 320 U weighs 1,766 pounds. Once you include your battery and LP, the weight jumps to 1,826 pounds. This floorplan has an exterior box length of 136.5 inches. The exterior height is 89 inches and the exterior width 78 inches.

The interior width measures 71 inches and the interior height 69 inches. You also get a 19-gallon graywater tank, an 11-gallon freshwater tank, and a bed area that measures 70 by 73 inches. The tires are 205/75/14 and the receiver is two inches.

The TAB 320 S doesn’t differ too much in terms of measurements. Its exterior and interior dimensions remain the same, as does its GAWR. The tongue weight minus the battery and LP is 140 pounds. With those additions, it’s 200 pounds. This trailer weighs 1,788 pounds dry. Once you put the battery and LP back in, the weight increases to 1,848 pounds. Another difference is you get a blackwater tank that’s eight gallons as well as the graywater and freshwater tanks (same capacities as the TAB 320 U).

4. Do-Drop by Oregon Trail’R

If you want a teensy-weensy teardrop trailer, try Oregon Trial’R’s Do-Drop. This vehicle has an interior width of just 47 inches as well as a 78-inch bed length. Weight-wise, it clocks in at 550 to 700 pounds depending on which features you add.

The trailer body has a length of seven feet, a height of 3.5 feet, and a width of four feet. If you were to calculate the overall dimensions of the trailer, it’d have a 60-foot height, a 66-inch width, and a 120-inch length.

The Do-Drop features the same square tube steel all Oregon Trial’R vehicles have. The powder-coated paint has a cool texture and promotes better vehicle durability. Inside the trailer, there’s lots of great features, including an integrated storage shelf, LED dome lighting, Baltic birch shelving and storage, and more birch décor.

The mill aluminum finish of the roof makes this vehicle a standout. The same can be said of its bulkheads, partitions, and floors. The Oregon Trail’R team dado-joins these parts right into your trailer wall so they’re sure to last.

There’s a single window in this teardrop that measures 21 by 14 inches and has tinted glass. This way, you get plenty of privacy and can keep harsh sunlight out. The door also features tinted glass and a screened surface. It stands at 26 by 32 inches.

Other chassis features include:

  • Four-pin tow connector
  • 13-inch tires and steel wheels
  • Rubber torsion axle (for smoother towing)
  • Ball coupler that measures 1 7/8 or two inches
  • Stabilizer jack that’s tongue-mounted

5. Pika by Timberleaf

Another teardrop that’s almost too small to believe, the Pika by Timberleaf will surely impress if you give it the chance. This trailer is 65 inches tall before factoring in the vents. It’s 11 feet, 10 inches long and has a base size of five feet, six inches by eight feet. Fifteen-inch wheels pull the Pika where you want it to go.

It’s got a moderate tongue weight of 120 pounds. The dry weight is even more impressive, as this trailer weighs just 970 pounds. Inside the cabin, you get the necessary headspace, as the there’s 36 inches of height from the floor to the ceiling.

You’ll sleep in a double mattress that measures 57 by 75 by 4 inches for plenty of comfort. If you’re interested, you can always upgrade to a thicker mattress.

Let’s look at what’s inside this teardrop trailer:

  • Laminated countertop that measures 21 by 54 inches
  • Polycarbonate skylight with pull-down shades
  • 26 by 39-inch doors; both include vented windows
  • More venting windows, both with screens, that are14 by 16 inches
  • Baltic birch plywood throughout
  • Running lights
  • Cabinet vent fan by Maxxair
  • Insulated ceiling with an R-11 rating
  • Lower storage in the galley cabinets
  • 12-volt charger and USB power outlets (six in all)
  • Deep-cell marine battery with 100 amp-hours
  • Power center for monitoring battery power, converting power, and charging

Outside of the Pika, you’ll find:

  • Spare tire
  • Rear hatch that includes dual hydraulic gas props
  • Cabin cargo storage stretch netting
  • LED porch lights (two)
  • Aluminum sides with custom paint
  • Anodized aluminum roof

6. Basedrop by Colorado Teardrops

The amusingly-named Basedrop from Colorado Teardrops may not be their smallest vehicle, but it’s one of them. It has a 102-inch body length, an overall height of 70.5 inches, an overall width of 76 inches, and an overall length of 148 inches.

Inside, the cabin height is 41 inches and the cabin width 60 inches. The vehicle weighs 1,000 pounds dry with a dry tongue weight of 55 pounds.

You do get plenty of clearance room, 17.5 inches from the ground to the frame of the Basedrop. The open height of the galley hatch is 78 inches. Inside, the galley counter is a stately 41 inches. At night, you’ll sleep in a 60 by 78-inch queen-sized bed.

The tires are surprisingly large at 15 inches. There’s also a 2,200-pound trailer suspension for towing this teardrop with many towing vehicles.

In your kitchen, you can take advantage of behind-counter storage as well as two shelves and three bonus storage spaces. Colorado Teardrops says these spaces can hold paper towel hangers, silverware, plates, bowls, and cups especially well.  Also, your kitchen includes an ice cooler made of diamond-plated aluminum.

The entirety of the interior is covered in light birch plywood and finished with polyurethane for years of use. The doors, ceiling, floor, and walls come insulated and then skinned with anodized aluminum with a thickness of 0.040 inches.

7. Droplet by Droplet Trailer

The eponymous Droplet is yet another contender for a wonderful small teardrop trailer. It comes in at under 1,000 pounds. The tongue weight remains moderate as well at 95 pounds. The trailer itself has a height of 5.5 feet, a length of 13.5 feet, and a width of 6.6 feet. Inside the cabin, the space measures four feet high, eight feet long, and five feet wide.

Droplet Trailer recommends everything from the Honda CRV to the Volvo C30, Toyota Corolla, Subaru Impreza, and the Volkswagen Golf Tdi as awesome towing vehicles for their trailer.

The frame of the Droplet is made of both aluminum and stainless steel with a powder-coated finish. With a wide double-wheeled jack, your rig can handle rough terrain even better. All wheels are 12 inches. The tongue can fit hitch balls that measure 1 7/8 inches. There’s also an axle-free torsion suspension system that reduces bounce.

Inside the kitchen nook, you get a recessed sink, a two-burner propane stove, and a slide-out fridge that runs on 12 volts. With two LED lamps that tap on and off, you can cook more efficiently than ever before. There’s also plenty of storage space around for keeping pans, pots, and cooking utensils and tools.

When bedtime rolls around, settle in with a spacious queen-sized mattress. Here’s some other bedroom features of note:

  • Dual LED reading lamps in the cabin
  • Closed-cell aluminum laminated foam insulation with an R-value of 2.81
  • AIRstream yachting hatch for better air flow
  • Dual bedroom entry doors
  • Bronze window tinting to reduce light transmission by 26 percent and keep the room warmer
  • Storage, which includes door felt pockets, dual shelving, and two cabinets

8. Escapod 360 by Escapod

Another self-named trailer, the Escapod 360 will be a great teardrop for all your many adventures. As part of the 2019 Topo Series, this teardrop gets attention. You can buy or rent it.

Only when you own it can you customize the colors of your Escapod. Hues include Pine Green, Battleship Gray, Military Green, Minimal White, Minimal Black, Original Aluminum, and Original Red.

The vehicle itself is 9.5 feet long; including an attached hitch, the length expands to 12.5 feet. It has a four-foot height unless you count roof features, and then it’s 6.5 feet.

All Escapod trailers are designed for use the entire year long. Crafted in Utah, the team builds each Escapod 360 with a 5×8 frame made of tube steel with a powder-coat finish. Then there’s the cabin, which boasts a wooden frame with plenty of insulation. You even get a waterproof undercarriage if you feel inclined to go off the beaten path.

Covered in birch plywood, the interior has cabinets and cubbies, LED lighting, and an outdoor galley kitchen. This includes a Yeti 65L Tundra, a stainless steel countertop that measures 18 by 56.5 inches, and dual locking drawers.

9. Small Fry by Peewee Campers

We couldn’t complete a list of small teardrop trailers without talking about the Small Fry. The tiniest teardrop in the roster of already-mini Peewee Camper vehicles, the exterior box of the Small Fry measures six feet long by four feet wide.

The total height of this trailer is 59 inches from the roof vent’s top to the ground. From one fender to another, the total width measures 64 inches. Going from the rear to the tongue, the Small Fry’s total length is 10 feet, six inches.

Your trailer rolls on 13-inch wheels with a 27-inch diameter. Each six-ply tire has a bolt pattern of 5 x 4 ½ inches. The two-inch ball hitch includes a seven flat-pin wiring harness connection. It’s recommended you tow with a ground height of at least 16 inches.

Onto the weight of this trailer: it’s roughly 350 pounds dry. That makes the Small Fry the tiniest trailer on our list. The tongue weight is under 40 pounds as well.

Here’s an overview of features:

  • Plywood flooring finished with vinyl
  • Rear corner stabilizer jacks
  • 14 by 14-inch roof vent with a screen and hand crank
  • Rear door with a keyed deadbolt, keyed lock, and a screen; it measures 26 by 36 inches
  • LED running lights, turn signal lights, and brake lights
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Wheeled jack for stabilizing and maneuvering
  • Diamond-plate fenders with a natural curve
  • Aluminum edge trim that’s also diamond-plated


If you don’t mind a small teardrop trailer, I think you’ll love any of the vehicles on this list. All nine of them are the tiniest trailers on the market. Undoubtedly, the distinction of smallest goes to the appropriately-named Small Fry from Peewee Campers. This vehicle doesn’t even weigh 400 pounds!

Whether you go with the Small Fry or the other eight teardrops we showcased, you have plenty of picks for a great tiny trailer.

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