Can You Rent a Teardrop Trailer?

car pulling teardrop trailer

Teardrop trailers are compact, lightweight vehicles. If you don’t mind the small size and often tight space constraints, you can pull one of these trailers with just about any towing vehicle. Plus, they’re pretty adorable, I must say.

What if you’re interested in renting a teardrop trailer before buying one? Is that a possibility? In this article, I’ll tell you.

Let’s get started!

Can You Rent a Teardrop Trailer?

Like you can with many other trailers and RVs, it is possible to rent a teardrop trailer. If you want to get an idea of how this trailer handles when you attach it to your towing vehicle, renting is a great opportunity. You can also go camping just you and another buddy, spouse, or loved one and truly rough it.

Where can you find teardrop trailers for rent?

That depends. I recommend you start with a local search. Use your favorite search engine to look up “teardrop trailer rentals near me.” You’ll see a whole list of local businesses that rent out teardrops.

Do keep in mind that if you’re taking a trip, you should rent the trailer in the location you’ll be traveling to. For example, if you’re from California but you’re traveling in Denver, then rent your trailer in Denver. This way, you’re not racking up thousands of miles with the rented teardrop.

If you can’t find anywhere local that has teardrop trailers for rent, don’t fret., despite its name, rents all sorts of trailers. These include campers, teardrops, and travel trailers. RV Rental Connection is another site you can use.

You might also consider Off The Grid Rentals. They make custom teardrop trailers you can rent out. Some of these vehicles even have room for five passengers! That’s practically unheard of with a teardrop.

How Much Do Teardrop Trailer Rentals Cost?

You’re thinking about it more seriously and now you’re strongly leaning towards renting a teardrop trailer. Great! Now let’s talk money, shall we? How much will one of these trailers cost you?

Well, that depends on a couple of things:

  • How old the teardrop is
  • How long you’re renting it for
  • Included amenities (not every amenity is always available, so read the listing carefully!)
  • The size of the teardrop
  • How many passengers can fit
  • The third party’s discretion

Prices will vary, and the ones we list here are just meant to be used as examples. Even if you rented the exact same teardrops I wrote about, you might not get the same price.

With all that in mind, I scoured some well-known RV rental sites to bring you a couple of pricing examples.

On, a 2017 Intec Flyer Max Off-Road Camping Trailer is available for $39 nightly. This is a 14-inch trailer with room for two. It has a height of almost four feet, a width of nearly five feet, and a length of eight feet, one inch. You get such features as a USB charging port, a roof rack, LED lighting, air conditioning, a stereo, a refrigerator, outdoor cooking options, stabilizer jacks, and an off-road package.

Over at Off The Grid Rentals, their Krawler teardrop trailer can fit between two and five passengers. Rentals could cost anywhere from $45 to $113 a night depending on the size of the trailer.

The Krawler features storage beneath the mattress, exterior LED lighting, heavy-duty leveling jacks, a customized roof rack, a Scipio awning, and front storage boxes. You can also enjoy solar paneling, ceiling vent fans, USB outlets, and a four-inch memory foam mattress.

How Long Can You Rent a Teardrop Trailer?

When you rent a teardrop trailer or any trailer, really, the least amount of time you can do so is one night. The general expectation is that you’ll have the vehicle for at least a weekend. While weeklong rentals are common, some people will rent for even longer, such as a month.

That’s why you can often get deals that help you save money the longer you rent. Going back to the listing on for the 2017 Intec Flyer, for a week, you’d spend $220. For a month, it’d be $650.

That listing has a minimum amount of nights you have to rent, which is two. Again, do read the listings carefully. Since one-night rentals are out of the question, you will have to multiply the daily rental costs by two, three, sometimes even seven nights.

Where Can You Take Your Teardrop Rental?

Once you get the keys to your rented teardrop trailer, where can you take it? While most listings will have specific daily mileages you should follow, the answer is almost anywhere. If you want to hit up a national park or a campground, then go for it!

Just make sure you take care of the trailer so you don’t get slammed with damage fees. And yes, again, watch how far you go to avoid excess mileage charges.

Reasons to Rent a Teardrop Trailer

Finally, here are some great reasons to consider renting a teardrop trailer:

  • You can truly experience what life is like inside one of these tiny trailers without making the financial commitment. In that way, it’s like an extended test drive.
  • You can see how well a teardrop cooperates with your towing vehicle of choice, be that a car, truck, or SUV.
  • You can get away and enjoy a unique accommodation for a relatively cheap weekend.


Teardrop trailers are small, inexpensive vehicles. They’re available to rent, and you often won’t spend much. Few teardrops exceed $100 for their daily rental fees. Just keep in mind that you’ll rarely rent a trailer for a single day, and there are other charges like cleaning and late fees you might have to take into account as well.

If you were thinking of renting your own teardrop trailer, you’re now armed with all the information you need to do so. I hope I’ve helped you make up your mind!

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