Little Guy Max Review: Is This Teardrop Worth Your Money?

If you’re looking for a dependable teardrop trailer, the Little Guy Max remains one of the most popular vehicles from the Little Guy Trailers brand. It’s a heavier, more spacious teardrop capable of fitting more passengers.

If you’re seriously thinking about getting a Little Guy Max, I implore you to read this article. In it, I’ll review the trailer. No matter what you want to know, I will cover it here. That includes a history of the Little Guy Trailers brand, specs and features of the Little Guy Max, pricing, and availability.

Let’s get started.

Who Is Little Guy Trailers?

First, here’s a history of Little Guy Trailers. Based in Uniontown, Ohio, Little Guy Trailers came into the world in 2002. It was that year a family business decided to make a small, retro teardrop with a 4×8 frame.

It caught on, and the Little Guy Trailers brand was born to accommodate the growing trailer demand. What started as a little company in a garage grew to have its own manufacturing facility within a few years.

Since 2002, Little Guy Trailers has made and sold thousands of teardrop trailers, lending themselves the great reputation they still enjoy today.

Which Teardrop Trailers Do They Produce?

You can select from three teardrops as part of the Little Guy Trailers family: the Little Guy Max, the Little Guy Mini Max, and the MyPod. All three trailers have made serious names for themselves amongst teardrop enthusiasts. If you read through this blog, we’ve touched on each vehicle before.

For the sake of this article, I will focus exclusively on the Little Guy Max.

What Is the Little Guy Max?

The Little Guy Max weighs the most and has the largest frame of all the vehicles from Little Guy Trailers. The company produces each Little Guy Max in the United States, specifically Pennsylvania.

Let’s dive into the features and specs now, shall we?

Little Guy Max Features


What’s not to love in the Little Guy Max? I’ll begin by discussing the spacious exterior. Here, you can witness the tubular steel chassis, which the Little Guy Trailers Pennsylvania team customizes. It includes an automotive powder coat finish for durability. The roof and sidewalls have composite paneling as well as an aluminum cage, all of which are lightweight but tough. The roof, made of seamless fiberglass, makes for the perfect finishing touch.

Outside, you can entertain like never before with dual Furrion outdoor speakers (each five inches), power outlets (including HDMI), and a TV mount. When the sun sets, you can turn on your LED porch light and aluminum entry step lighting as well as use light-up door handles.

The dual-pane windows come insulated to retain heat. You get seven in all. These have a dark tint, partly for the abovementioned insulation qualities and also to provide you more privacy. Despite that these windows are for a teardrop trailer, they open wider than some RVs. You also get integrated blinds and shades.

At the back of the vehicle, there’s the rear receiver. This measures two inches, a standard. With the rear receiver, you can connect storage racks, bike racks, and more. Also around the rear is the pass-through storage area. This lets you enjoy 35 cubic feet of additional storage. The doors measure 13 by 30 inches each. With LED illumination for use at night, you’ll love this thoughtful feature.

For those days when you want to sit out and enjoy nature, the Thule Crown awning will keep you cool and safe from the sun. It has supports so you can adjust it to your preferences and even comes with LED strip lights for use at night.

I also have to talk about the trim and body colors available for your Little Guy Max teardrop trailer. You can select from one of the following options:

  • Blue trim with a silver body
  • Red trim with a silver body
  • Silver trim with a silver body
  • Black trim with a silver body
  • Red trim with a white body
  • Silver trim with a white body
  • Black trim with a white body


Now let’s get into what’s inside your Little Guy Max trailer.

First, there’s the entertainment area. In the dining room, you get a little entertainment nook that includes a 24-inch HD TV from Furrion and a pop-up electronic lift for a TV. The bedroom entertainment center has storage, shelving, a sound bar from Insignia, a swivel arm TV mount, and yet another HD TV from Furrion that’s also 24 inches. You’ll also get a full Furrion entertainment center that comes with a remote control, exterior and interior audio controls, a weatherband with AM and FM radio, auxiliary cords, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and CD and DVD drives.

You’ll love the wetbath, as it features a full bathroom! That’s quite a rarity with a teardrop trailer. The marine-style toilet comes from Dometic. It includes a waterproof toilet paper holder and a pedal flusher. The ITC shower head has an integrated off/on switch and a three-speed sprayer. For each minute, it uses just 2.2 gallons of water, meaning it saves a lot of the stuff.

To keep the bathroom from getting too humid and attracting mold and mildew, you get a Dometic Fan-Tastic Vent. This has a translucent dome and can run on three speeds. It’s known for being quieter than most fans. I also have to mention the size of the wetbath, as it’s 47 cubic feet with a width of 41.5 inches, a height of six feet, two inches, and a depth of 26.5 inches.

Another nook you’ll spend a lot of time in is the kitchen, as it’s chock full of phenomenal features. This includes a two-burner stove from Dometic. The stove comes with recessed controls and a safety glass lid that resists heat. You also get a hot water heater (also from Dometic) that uses a DSI electronic ignition pilot. It gets power from either a 110-volt connection or LP gas. This water heater has a max capacity of six gallons.

When you want to cook food quick, you’ll appreciate the High Pointe microwave. It’s 1.0 cubic feet and includes time defrost, weight cooking, and eight express cooking settings. You can even put several food items in at once with the multi-section cooking. If you have children who linger around the kitchen, they’ll stay safer with the child lock setting.

The last feature of the kitchen is the Dometic stainless steel refrigerator. This has a capacity of 4.0 cubic feet. With positive-lock door handles, a defrost water drain system, adjustable bins on the doors, and an automatic LP ignition system, your food and drinks always have a frosty place to sit.

Also inside the Little Guy Max are the following safety and climate features:

  • Carbon monoxide and propane detector with battery and chassis power; it has both audible and visual alarms
  • Comfort control center from Dometic that you can use on the furnace and air conditioner
  • Dometic furnace that runs on 16,000 BTUs and uses 12 volts of DC power
  • Penguin II air conditioner, also from Dometic, that runs on 13,500 BTUs


As I mentioned, the Little Guy Max weighs quite a bit, 3,140 pounds to be exact. The tongue weight is 330 pounds and the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR is 3,800 pounds. This teardrop has an interior height of six feet, seven inches and an exterior height of nine feet, one inch. The overall width measures seven feet and the overall length 21 feet.

You get a nine-gallon blackwater tank, a 14-gallon graywater tank, and a 20-gallon freshwater tank.

Inside the vehicle, there’s a queen-sized master bed measuring 60 by 80 inches. You can add a pillow top with a thickness of five inches if you so choose. Your kitchen sink, which is made of stainless steel, has a depth of eight inches. The included awning that we discussed in the last section stretches an awesome 63 inches. Each mighty tire included in your Little Guy Max has a 15-inch width.

Here’s some specs for the interior storage: in the dining area, the space behind the left bench offers 0.94 cubic feet of space. This area measures 31 inches deep, 10.5 inches tall, and five inches wide. Underneath the left bench, there’s 2.67 cubic feet of storage that’s 32 inches deep, 16 inches tall, and nine inches wide. Then there’s storage beneath the right bench that’s 6.37 cubic feet. This measures 32 inches deep, 16 inches high, and 21.5 inches wide. Overall, you get 9.98 cubic feet of extra storage space.

In the closet area, there’s yet more storage to behold. The first area, the drawer beneath the fridge, has 2.60 cubic feet of space. It measures 19 inches deep, 11 inches tall, and 21.5 inches wide. Atop the fridge, the open cub has 3.11 cubic feet to offer and measures 18 inches deep, 13 inches tall, and 23 inches wide. Next, under your bed, the drawer here holds 2.02 cubic feet of essentials. It measures 19 inches deep, eight inches tall, and 23 inches wide. Lastly, you can use the closet storage for 14.58 cubic feet of bonus storage. This area is 24 inches deep, 60 inches tall, and 17.5 inches wide. Overall, this gives you 22.32 extra cubic feet of storage.


Want even more for your Little Guy Max? You can select from several bonus packages and add-ons sure to make your experience ultra incredible.

Rough Rider Package

If you’re a fan of off-roading, you will definitely want to add the Rough Rider Package to your Little Guy Max teardrop. It includes an axle riser that’s 3.5 inches. This gives you extra clearance so you can have more fun driving. You can also upgrade your wheels and tires for off-roading. Each one measures 15 inches.

Jack-It Bike Carrier

Do you want to bring more bikes on your teardrop trailer adventures? You’ll need the Jack-It Bike Carrier add-on. It can hold bikes weighing up to 25 pounds total, including almost every bike frame on the market.

Furrion Wireless Observation System

Drive more safely and navigate with ease when you get the Furrion Wireless Observation System installed in your Little Guy Max. This backup camera will hold up to climate changes as well as vibrations without damage. If your rig measures at least 100 feet, you should use this camera. The color display lets you see what’s around you on a screen that’s 4.3 inches wide. The backup camera uses infrared technology for better accuracy.

Dark Walnut Wood Species

Do you want even better hardwood cabinetry in the kitchen of your Little Guy Max? You can get it with the Dark Walnut Wood Species option. This gets you dovetail jointed drawers and cabinets made entirely of hardwood. What an even more beautiful space your kitchen will become!

Zamp Solar Power

Your last add-on option is to use solar power. With Zamp, you can get a Flexi Roof Panel capable of generating 100 watts of solar power. It comes with an Output Warranty good for 25 years. The panel has the capability of generating 5.62 amps with a power output of 100 watts. Your roof solar panel measures 41.5 x 21.5 x 0.5 inches.

How Much Does the Little Guy Max Cost?

The Little Guy Max from Little Guy Trailers costs $29,995 for the 2019 model. This price does not include any add-ons or extra amenities and features.

Where Can You Get Little Guy Max?

Want to score yourself a Little Guy Max? You can visit the Little Guy Trailers website to get started. Here, you can search for a dealer in your area. Just input your zip code and you’ll see the closest places you can shop for your Little Guy Max.

You can reach out to the dealer by phone or through the Little Guy Trailers website. It’s that easy!

Based outside of the United States? No problem. You can buy a Little Guy Trailer if you’re in South Korea, Colombia, Chile, Australia, and Canada.

Is the Little Guy Max a Good Value for Your Money?

Let’s answer the big question now: should you get the Little Guy Max teardrop trailer from Little Guy Trailers?

While it’s not the cheapest vehicle, the Little Guy Max also weighs more and affords much more space than the average teardrop. You get a spacious kitchen with all the fixings, such as beautiful cabinetry, a big stainless steel fridge, and a microwave. More amazingly, there’s a full bathroom in there with an indoor shower and a toilet. That’s very uncommon in teardrop trailers.

The level of craftsmanship and dedication put into each Little Guy Max teardrop trailer both inside and out certainly makes this vehicle a viable contender. If you have fewer passengers or less space needs, the Little Guy Max Mini makes for a nice substitute. For a middle-of-the-road option, you might consider the MyPod.

Either way, I think you can’t go wrong with a teardrop from Little Guy Trailers.


Little Guy Trailers in Ohio manufacturers all its vehicles in the US. They have three teardrop trailers: the MyPod, Little Guy Max Mini, and the Little Guy Max. Of the three, the Little Guy Max has the biggest profile, weighing the most and offering more space.

With a starting retail price of about $30k, we’re not saying the Little Guy Max is inexpensive, because it isn’t. For its size and the amenities (full bathroom, anyone?) you get, though, I think it’s worth the investment. Hopefully now you do too!

What are your thoughts about Little Guy Max? Please leave a comment below.

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