How Many Can a Teardrop Trailer Sleep?

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The tiny, rustic frame of a teardrop trailer can often accommodate up to two passengers. You and a spouse, close friend, or a family member can rough it together, navigating through an often-small rig on your road tripping adventures.

What if you want to bring more than one person? Perhaps you have children and you want them to experience the wonders of camping in a teardrop trailer firsthand. Maybe you have some friends who have expressed interest in going with you on one of your trips.

Either way, you now have a very interesting question in my hands. That is, how many people can sleep in a teardrop trailer?

How Many People Can a Teardrop Camper Sleep?

Most teardrop trailers have room for two passengers, as that’s standard. Some of the bigger ones can fit up to five people, but you’ll rarely find more sleeping accommodations than that. That’s because teardrop trailers are among the smallest towable vehicles on the road.

Teardrop trailers have an average height of four to five feet, so they’re sort of unforgiving on taller passengers. Teardrops have an okay width, four to six feet. Their length is eight to 10 feet. Overall, they’re quite petite vehicles unless you go for the bigger models. Thus, you only get room for five people max, and that’s in the abovementioned bigger teardrops.

Where Do These People Sleep?

Okay, so now you have to do some sorting. After all, if you bring three or four people with you on your teardrop trailer road trip, where will everyone sleep?

Queen-Sized Bed

Since most teardrops can fit at least two passengers, manufacturers often include sleeping accommodations for that amount of people. This comes in the form of a queen-sized bed. Obviously, you can fit just a single person in this bed, and quite comfortably at that. If you have a partner or spouse traveling with you, then the two of you can share the bed.

Bunk Beds

Do you have kids or are you traveling with another friend? Then you’ll appreciate that some teardrop trailers have the capability to house bunk beds. You may have to convert these at night from some other part of the vehicle. Many teardrop floorplans have daytime and nighttime setups to make the most of the limited space you’ll find in one of these vehicles.

Like most bunk beds, you’ll often get a top and bottom bunk. When combined with the queen-sized bed that comes standard in many a teardrop, you now have room to sleep up to four people.


Few teardrop trailer manufacturers don’t include couches in their vehicles, but you will want to check the floorplan before you buy yours. If you have a couch in your teardrop, then that should act as another place for someone to sleep.

While catching some Zzzs on a couch maybe doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing in the world, you have to remember you have limited sleeping options in a teardrop. You have to make the most of the space. If you can sleep on it, then it’s worth trying at least once. That includes the couch.

If your teardrop has both bunk beds and a couch and you add in the queen-sized bed, then you can bring up to four other people with you on your journey.

Convertible Bed

Sometimes the couch is more than it seems. You can possibly pull it out and convert it into a sleeper bed. Again, it’s not the comfiest thing ever, but it does let you get some rest. In some models, even the dinette will expand into a convertible bed, but this all depends. It’ll be one or the other, though, not both.

Since you’d convert the couch into a bed, this still means you can only sleep five people max on a teardrop trailer.

Teardrops with Room for Five or Less

Now that you know such spacious teardrop trailers exist, you might want one for you and your family/friends. The following teardrop trailer models can sleep five people or fewer.

Colorado Teardrops’ Summit — Sleeps Four

The Summit from Colorado Teardrops has a queen-sized bed (that fits two) as well as a sofa that transforms into bunk beds. That means you can bring three other passengers with you, such as a spouse and your children.

The queen-sized bed measures 60 inches by 78 inches. This teardrop has an overall length of 173 inches, a body length of 126 inches, an overall width of 88 inches, and an overall height of 84.5 inches. Inside the cabin, it’s 57 inches high and 60 inches wide. You even get 41-inch galley counters.

Little Guy Trailers’ Little Guy Max — Sleeps Three

If you have fewer passengers, you’ll love the Little Guy Max from Little Guy Trailers. I’ve talked about this teardrop trailer many a time on this blog. In the bedroom, you’ll find a queen-sized bed as well as a storage center, device-charging area, shelving, storage, and an HD TV that’s 24 inches. You can convert the dinette in the kitchen to a single bed for one more passenger.

The Little Guy Max has an interior height of six feet, seven inches, an exterior height of nine feet, one inch, an overall width of seven feet, and an overall length of 21 feet. It weights 3,140 pounds dry and has a tongue weight of 330 pounds.

TAXA Outdoors’ Cricket Camper — Sleeps Four

Although not as teardrop-looking as some of the other trailers on this list, we’d still count the Cricket Camper from TAXA Outdoors as a teardrop nonetheless. This spacious vehicle has room for two kids and two adults, so it’s perfect for a family of four.

Inside, you’ll find a queen-sized bed as well as bunks. The trailer includes storage beneath the main bed. It has a length of 15 feet and a dry weight of 1,500 pounds.

United Recreational Vehicles, LLC’s iCamp Elite — Sleeps Two to Three People

If you want to bring just a few people with you, then look into the iCamp Elite from United Recreational Vehicles, LLC. This teardrop has an overall height of eight feet, one inch, an overall width of six feet, eight inches, and an overall length of 14 inches. Inside the trailer, the measurements are five feet, 11 inches tall, six feet, three inches wide, and 10 feet, seven inches long.

You get a standard queen-sized mattress as well as an adjustable dinette table that converts into a bed for the third person. This vehicle has a hitch weight of 236 pounds and it weighs 2,890 pounds dry.

Happier Camper’s HC1 — Sleeps Four to Five

Another favorite of this blog, the HC1 from Happier Camper is a remarkable teardrop trailer. In part, that’s because it has room for up to five passengers. If you recall from this blog, the HC1 also has Happier Camper’s Adaptiv System technology. This allows you to rearrange the components via cubes as needed.

This is one such trailer where you can have daytime and nighttime arrangements. With a modular layout, you set up the floorplan however you want it or need it. This teardrop trailer has an overall length of 13 feet and an overall width of seven feet. The width at the bed is six feet, eight inches. The HC1 also weighs 1,100 pounds dry.

Homegrown Trailers’ Timberline — Sleeps Five

Let’s end this list with another teardrop trailer that has room for five passengers. It’s the Timberline from Homegrown Trailers. How does it fit so many people? This teardrop trailer has a convertible dinette. Passengers can also sleep in three bunk beds and a queen-sized bed. Impressive, right?

The Timberline has an interior height of up to six feet, 11 inches, an exterior height of eight feet, 11 inches, an external length of 23 feet, and internal length of 18 feet, 10 inches, and an external height of seven feet, 11 inches. It weighs 4,150 to 4,350 pounds dry.

Other fun features that make this one of the best trailers around for big families? Homegrown Trailers designed the Timberline using nontoxic, sustainable, weatherproof materials. The vehicle includes a composting toilet, a rarity for teardrop trailers. You get a huge 23-gallon freshwater tank for showering and using the sink. Yes, there’s a shower in the wetbath.

The headroom is almost seven feet, which is practically unheard of for teardrop trailers. You also get solar paneling that can generate up to 800 watts of free power from renewable energy.


Although you wouldn’t think it, some teardrop trailers can accommodate five sleepy passengers. Through convertible beds, couches, bunks, and a queen-sized mattress, there’s plenty of room.

This means you can bring your family or pals on your road tripping adventures. You also never have to worry about feeling lonely in a teardrop trailer

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